While films and TV shows are not accurately representative of real-life; mainly because they often dramatise events, action and in this case, the job role. Security guards in movies are typically portrayed as having glamorous jobs, often protecting a high profile individual like a politician or celebrity. While not inaccurate, the action and storyline are fictionalised and sensationalised.

Being a security guard is not, if at all, like that. More often than not, it’s serious and takes lots of planning. It is incredibly rewarding but there are very little action sequences. In this blog, we take a look at some of the most popular and well-known examples of security guards in film and TV.

Bodyguard (BBC Drama, 2018)

This BBC drama dominated TV viewing when it hit peoples’ screens in 2018. We were all hooked, and it fast became one of the most popular shows of that year. 

The programme follows David Budd, a war veteran turned London Metropolitan police sergeant. During this role, he is assigned to be the security guard for the Home Secretary, Julia Montague. She is a controversial and ambitious politician who has some questionable plans for the city. When protecting the home secretary, David Budd battles the duties of his job and his morals.

Night at the Museum (Film, 2006)

Ben Stiller stars as the main protagonist, Larry Daley, in this fantasy trilogy franchise. He is a divorced father who works as a night guard at a New York museum. Upon discovering that the exhibits at the museum come to life, he must try to control the exhibits and restore peace to the museum.

The Bodyguard (Film, 1992)

This classic film was released in 1992 and stars Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Frank Farmer is an ex-secret service agent who has been hired to protect music superstar, Rachel Marron from an unknown stalker. This film has been turned into a hit Broadway and West End musical with some iconic romantic moments and an epic soundtrack. 

This is also probably one of the most accurate representations of a security guard in film. Although still exaggerated and dramatised, he also takes his job role very seriously and is good at it. Costner’s character is focused, displays good discipline and is very diligent.

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