With a rising population comes a rise in crime. The population of Birmingham in the West Midlands of the UK is estimated to be around 1.3098 million (as of 2019), with a wider metropolitan area stretching to a total population of around 3.8 million. Like with many towns and cities within the UK, crime statistics fluctuate over time, with the types of crimes being reported differing each month.

Birmingham is one of the largest and most populated cities outside of London. It is a major transport hub with links stretching across the UK and is an innovative and leading centre for commerce.

One of the biggest questions many of us, particularly when moving into a new area, is how safe is it? 

Is Birmingham safe?

Let’s take a look at some comparative statistics from March this year (2020) vs. March last year (2019) and see what the difference is. Currently (as of May 2020 at the time of writing), the UK is in the middle of lockdown due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus. As you will see from the results below, this has affected the crime rate in the Birmingham area.

Crime Statistics in the West Midlands: March 2020 vs. March 2019

March 2020March 2019
Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) – 2,994Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) – 3,173
Burglary – 1,730Burglary – 2,265
Robbery – 597Robbery – 893
Vehicle – 2,629Vehicle – 2,922
Violent – 8,360Violent – 8,246
Shoplifting – 908Shoplifting – 1,546
Criminal Damage & Arson (CD&A) – 1,872Criminal Damage & Arson (CD&A) – 2,150
Other Theft – 1,446Other Theft – 1,738
Drugs – 382Drugs – 483
Bike Theft – 103Bike Theft – 218
Theft From Person – 245Theft From Person – 310
Weapons – 223Weapons – 305
Public Order – 1,529Public Order – 1,399
Other – 382Other – 311
Total – 23,400 Total – 26,016

How has the coronavirus lockdown affected crime?

From these crime statistics in the West Midlands area, we can see that the number of crimes has fallen by 2,616 cases, which is a significant drop. The types of crime that have seen the most significant fall in reports are related to burglaries, robberies, shoplifting and CD&A. However, during this month when the lockdown was implemented, there has been an increase in crime reported that relates to violence, public order and ‘other’.

Birmingham Safety Tips 

To avoid becoming a victim of a crime in Birmingham, it’s important to know and take the necessary precautions. 

Although it is difficult to protect a vehicle from professional thieves there are some security measures you can take to reduce the risk of crime committed by opportunists. 

These include: making sure your car has a fitted alarm; the petrol cap and wheel nuts are locked; making sure to lock your vehicle when you leave; never leaving the keys in the ignition, unless you’re in the driver’s seat; and always removing any valuables when you leave the car, never leave anything on display.

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