We all want to live in a secure and safe home environment, therefore it is important to have essential security measures in place. Here at TLG Management, we have collated a list of home security solutions that offer you peace of mind and excellent protection for your home.

Easy, affordable security measures to enhance home safety

If you’re looking for easy ways to protect your home from burglars and intruders, or just want peace of mind when you sleep at night, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Quality locks and burglar alarms are a great start when protecting your home, but the world of home security has evolved exponentially over the last few decades. You can now install technology that is far more affordable and a greater security measure for detecting criminals entering and breaking into your home.

Home security: Ways to protect your home

  1. Invest in home security hardware
  2. Secure the perimeter of your home
  3. Secure any outer buildings
  4. Conceal your valuables
  5. Use smart lighting as a deterrent
  6. Make the burglar alarm system visible
  7. Install a video doorbell
  8. Don’t announce your holiday on social media
  9. Get a dog
  10. Don’t make your absence from the house obvious
  11. Install motion-activated sensors

1. Home security hardware such as doors, windows and locks

When first looking at the security measures in your home, take a look at all the entry points (windows, doors, gates, etc) and make sure that they are all fitted with good quality and fully functional security hardware. It is important that any hardware is independently tested and approved to keep your property safe.

2. House perimeter security

Home security measures do not have to be limited to inside your property only. Your choice of boundaries and the design of your home also play a factor and have an impact. 


  • Privacy is important, but bushes and trees make it easier for intruders to access without being seen. Instead, consider clear sight-line entries so burglars are deterred.
  • Don’t leave your windows open, especially if there is easy access into your home such as windows placed next to a flat roof.
  • Fix that broken fence, don’t make it easy for people to gain access to your garden.
  • Lock your shed to secure any loose tools that could be used to force entry, or any gates so it adds an additional hurdle/ barrier

3. If you have outer buildings, secure them

Whether you have a garage, bike shed or another outer building, it is important that these are well secured. Not only to protect the contents inside them, but to close off any access routes into your home, or that any tools cannot be used to gain entry either.

There are a few things which you can pay close attention to in order to make sure any outer buildings are secure.

  • Quality of the locks, make sure these aren’t rusty or weak
  • Install mortice security bolts where possible
  • Pay attention to hinges and ensure they aren’t easy to take off
  • If an outer building is attached to the main house, treat the connecting door as you would a normal outer door.

4. Conceal any valuables

You can conceal valuables in your home by ensuring that they are kept out of sight from opportunistic thieves. One method is by getting a fitted safe for keeping any valuables inside such as expensive jewellery and family heirlooms, spare sets of keys, and important paperwork or passports.

5. Use smart lighting as a deterrent

Under the cover of darkness it offers a degree of concealment for intruders, however, if you’re serious about protecting your home then you can install motion smart lighting. This means that you can control your home lighting system from any smart device, from any location – you can set schedules and times so you don’t need to worry about remembering to turn on/ off any lights when you’re away.

This is great if you want the house to appear as normal and replicate your family’s typical lighting patterns so it seems occupied when you’re away from home.

6. Visible burglar alarm system

The best place to install CCTV security cameras is where they can be clearly seen by potential intruders. It may initially seem counter-intuitive but this works as a great deterrent. Especially when the cameras are pointed at front or back doors, as these are typically targeted areas.

7. Video doorbell installation

One of the latest gadgets in home security is the introduction of video doorbells or smart doorbells as they’re sometimes known as. These allow the homeowner to view who is at or near to their front door via their smartphone whether they are in or out.

8. Refrain from announcing your holiday on social media

While we’re all addicted to our phones and posting our latest pieces of joy and excitement on our social media feeds, posting your holiday plans is essentially advertising to everyone that your house is going to be empty for a week or two. Instead, post your updates and pictures when you get back. It is definitely worth being cautious about who you share your news online.

9. Get a pet dog

When you have a dog, especially a big one, they create noise that can deter would-be intruders from entering your home.

10. Don’t make absence from your home obvious

This can include making sure that the post doesn’t gather at the door or deliveries are left uncollected outside. Alongside this, if curtains remain open or closed this can also make your absence obvious and let intruders know that the house is empty.

11. Installing motion sensors 

You can install motion-activated sensors; these can be programmed outside the front or back of your house and become triggered by movement. Many motion sensors can be set at varying levels so that it isn’t triggered by small wildlife and goes off every few minutes.

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