What is the role of a door supervisor?

A door supervisor, otherwise known as a bouncer or doorperson, is someone who is responsible for the safety and security of customers, visitors and staff in or outside venues. 

These venues can be pubs, bars, nightclubs or other licensed premises, as well as at public events such as concerts and festivals. Sometimes they enforce entry policy, depending on the venue, but primarily they look after the safety of the people inside the venue or at the event.

Typically, a door supervisor will work in the evenings, at weekends and over bank holidays. 

What skills do you need to have?

One of the skills you will develop through a college or private training course, as well as on an apprenticeship includes awareness and knowledge of public safety and security.

An individual wanting to become a door supervisor will also be patient, and able to remain calm in stressful situations. They should also have a good ability to work well with others, being a door supervisor means you’re interacting with lots of different types of people and personalities. A door supervisor also needs to be someone who is thorough in their work with great attention to detail as the safety and security of others is their responsibility.

They also need to have good thinking and reasoning skills, alongside great concentration and excellent verbal communication skills. As there is an element of interacting with customers or visitors to the venue they are supervising, they also need to possess good customer service skills.

An individual who wants to become a door supervisor will also need to be able to carry out basic tasks on a computer or a hand-held mobile device.


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