It goes without saying that security is undoubtedly needed and of the utmost importance. Especially when it comes to protecting your business and any assets you own. By having solid security solutions and services in place, you can help prevent theft, trespass and vandalism.

Here are 7 ways you can improve your office security:

1. Organise it & lock it

No matter the reason for leaving your desk, always make sure you lock your computer and safeguard any confidential information or papers from easy reach. Office doors should always be locked whether you are in or out of the office.

When you leave the office for the day, make sure you lock all the windows and doors, clean your desk or any papers and dispose of where appropriate.

2. Label any office equipment

It is always a good idea to label any office equipment with identification labels, seals or stickers and make a note of your inventory. When you have a comprehensive list of all the things in your office you and your coworkers can check it at any time to see if everything is in its rightful place.

3. Wear identity badges

One great security measure that you can take is ensuring that all staff and visitors are wearing identification badges. This means that you can visibly see who is coming and going out of your office, and whether or not they should be there.

4. CCTV system installation

CCTV systems come with a whole host of benefits for businesses when trying to improve your office security, not only do they serve as a guide for employees but also as an effective way to catch people breaking into your office and thieves. 

5. Alarms

Another effective way to enhance security in your office is to add and invest in alarm systems; this works well with the installation of CCTV cameras. Alarms act as a great deterrent, especially when people notice them as they will be more careful about how they come and go in a place and less likely to commit a crime. 

Alongside this, alarm systems when activated alert the authorities that there has been a trace of criminal activity. This further deters trespassers and thieves as they will avoid coming to your office. 

6. Keep passwords private & keys safe

All passwords should be kept private and if written down kept in a safe and secure place. This is the same with identity badges, keycards and keys, these should all be kept out of sight and in a secure and safe location. Where possible, don’t give these out, but if you do make sure it’s to people you trust and those who will not abuse the privilege by misusing them.

If you require a keyholding service, here at TLG Management we specialise in keyholding for businesses. We understand the importance of finding a trustworthy key holder and how this is integral to the success and running of a business.

7. Emergency plan

When you discover something has gone wrong in your office or something is missing, you need to have an emergency plan and call your office security or the police immediately. After this, they can initiate an investigation. It is best not to wait too long, delays can be dangerous and prevent the investigation coming to a just conclusion.

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