Security patrol dogs are highly trained to protect people and property. However, before dogs even get to this stage they must undergo training to make sure they can carry out the job properly and effectively. Dog handling training is rigorous and covers all aspects of security patrol work and protection.

For dog handlers, this training includes possessing and carrying out both theoretical and practical knowledge and training. Specifically related to the laws around the use of security dogs, canine welfare and husbandry.

For both the security dog and handler, the practical and physical training involves developing skills in obedience training, agility and protection. We shall explore these three aspects in more detail below.

Security dogs: what is included in the handling skills training given?

Obedience training

Obedience training includes heelwork and requiring the dog to sit, turn left, turn right and stay in the presence of the handler at all times. One of the main requirements for a security patrol dog is that they are able to return to the handler on instruction. Alongside the handler being able to reattach the leash with no problems from the dog.

Agility training

This aspect of the training includes being able to train the dog in how to overcome obstacles such as solid walls over 4ft, or frames, hurdles and long jumps. The dog needs to be able to navigate these obstacles whilst in the control of the dog handler.

Protection training

During training, a dog is taught to bark when an intruder is located. Then, with the assistance of the handler, is trained in how to deal with the intruder. Alongside this, the dog is also trained in how to protect the handler, if necessary. Finally, the handler and the dog are both trained in how to apprehend the intruder, then safely escort them to a designated zone.

Other security patrol dog training

Security dogs are also trained not to respond adversely to loud noises such as gunfire or explosions. 

What is the bond like between the security dog and their handler?

When a security dog is being trained by a handler the bond between them becomes very strong. It is not unusual for an almost telepathic understanding to be formed between the handler and the dog. This allows the dog handler to know exactly when their dog is demonstrating behaviour that an intruder may be present.

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