Often when we think about ‘bodyguards’, the notion is a preconceived one and we draw upon examples that we’ve seen in films or popular television shows. However, these shows are highly dramatised and hold misconceptions about the actual everyday realities of a bodyguard. They portray the life of a bodyguard as exciting, full of action and danger with things going drastically wrong and depictions of epic fight scenes. 

The reality is much more mundane and other consists of planning routes, pre-searching rooms and buildings that a client will be visiting as well as researching the backgrounds of people they may come into contact with, amongst many other tasks.

What is a bodyguard or close protection officer?

This type of security guard is someone who protects a person or group of people, often wealthy people, celebrities or high ranking public figures and officials. They protect them from theft, assault, kidnapping, assassination, harassment, loss of confidential information, threats and other criminal offences. 

What are the responsibilities of a bodyguard?

Bodyguards will often be required to manage large crowds, identify suspicious behaviour or unauthorised individuals. Alongside this, they are also tasked with driving and travelling with the client, as well as checking public venues for any vulnerabilities and potential threats.

  • Assigning responsibilities and planning
  • Searching rooms, buildings or vehicles
  • Transferring client to and from a vehicle or escorting to and from buildings
  • Travel 
  • At location

What does it take to be a bodyguard?

There are some key attributes that are needed to be a successful and effective bodyguard. 

  • Patience
  • Punctuality
  • Integrity
  •  Selflessness
  • Commitment
  • Discretion
  • Personal fitness

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